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When people buy dietary supplements, they often do not know what is in the product. If it is not clear, it can be hard to know what benefits they are getting, or if the ingredients are quality. This can lead to using the wrong types of supplements, or worse even getting low quality contaminated supplements that can damage their health.

Our mission is to bridge the typical gap between performance and health. We commit to safety by certifying every batch of every product free of banned substances, illicit, prescription, and over-the-counter drugs.

Soul Performance Nutrition exists to serve people with products they can trust so they can take their health and performance into their own hands.

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It is not always clear how most supplements sold are made.

We clear up the doubt by 3rd party testing every batch of every product produced.

Providing athletes, military service members, first responders and consumers with assurance that products meet label claims and will not endanger health or lead to a doping violation.

Testing beyond the standard to include other drug contaminants that can lead to negative health concerns.

Resulting in the Gold Standard in third-party certification and testing for the nutrition industry.

You have your goals and training to worry about.

Don't waste time and energy worrying about low quality products.

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